Pre-Convention Events

Events Leading up to the World Convention

Read about the colorful concerts and events commemorating the upcoming World Conventions. There is still more coming in the future as well.

“Tanabata Evening Concert”(sponsored by Matsumoto PARCO)

PARCO2.jpgStudents from the Matsumoto division perform Thirty Suzuki students from the Matsumoto division staged an outdoor performance of the Twinkle Variations and 10 other pieces at “The Tanabata Evening Concert”, at Matsumoto PARCO on July 7.
 Though the day started with light rain, the weather recovered in time for the concert of violin unison ensembles, cello solos and piano trios. Leaflets for the World Convention were passed out to the large Saturday afternoon crowds who filled the sidewalks to listen to this concert.
PARCO1.jpgPerforming in ‘Yukata’ to a large audiencePARCO3.jpgA post concert snapshot with PARCO mascot A review of this concert was written in the Chunichi Newspaper and Shinano Mainichi Newspaper. See the article.


August 5, Keynote Address by Mineo Nakajima, President of TERI

120805-2.jpgClick to enlarge120805-1.jpgClick to enlarge  “Developing International Communication Skills”, a keynote address was presented by President Mineo Nakajima on August 5, 1:00 at Matsumoto University. He spoke about globalization and internationalization, and ideal communication skills.
120805-3.jpgPresident Mineo Nakajima  The lecture was divided into four areas:
・Globalization and Internationalization
・National Isolationism and Education in Japan
・Suzuki Method and English Education in Japan
・Early Childhood Education and Parental Education

 President Nakajima made reference to the increasing importance of English education in light of continuing globalization, and how the Suzuki Method approach to music education, its usage of repetitive listening and practice, was most effective for foreign language acquisition.

120805-4.jpgA performance by students of the Matsumoto division  Pre-lecture entertainment was provided by Suzuki students, who performed the Vivaldi Concerto in A minor. In addition Etsuko Suehiro, the World Convention executive committee chairperson spoke about and displayed videos from the 1999 World Convention, requesting cooperation for next year’s convention from those in attendance. Shinano Mainichi Newspaper reported on this event.


On Thursday November 1, Suzuki Children performed for the lighting ceremony of the Christmas tree at Matsumoto's Parco Department Store.

x'mas1.jpgSuzuki Children's performancesOn Thursday November 1, Suzuki Children dressed in Christmas colors performed for the lighting ceremony of the Christmas tree at Matsumoto's Parco Department Store.
Among the pieces that the group performed were "Silent Night","O Tannenbaum" and "Hunters' Chorus" by Weber. In spite of the early winter cold weather, people passing by stopped to listen to the children's performances.
Before the concert, Ms. Kumiko Kitazawa, a Matsumoto branch violin teacher, talked to the audience about the upcoming World Convention that will be held in Matsumoto and asked the community for their cooperation. Following the Suzuki Children's performance, there was also a performance by Matsusho High School's brass band. x'mas2.jpgChristmas tree was litAnd the 6 meter high Christmas tree was lit by the Miss Matsumoto girls. These performances enlivened this event as it brought an early atmosphere of Christmas to Matsumoto.
Date and Time: November 1, 2012 (Thursday) 17:30~18:00.
Venue: In front of Matsumoto's Parco Department Store.
Host: Matsumoto Parco.
    1. Christmas songs / Silent Night, O Tannenbaum.
    2. Allegro, Perpetual Motion (Suzuki).
    3. Oh Come, Little Children.
    4. Hunters' Chorus.
    5. Gavotte d minor (Bach)


December 24, Suzuki Students will give a Christmas Concert at the Haneda Airport lobby

 A Christmas Concert by Suzuki students is planned for Christmas Eve at Haneda airport. Travelers from Japan and overseas will be welcomed by this demonstration performance for the World Convention.
 Look forward to information & details online.