The History of the World Convention Overlaps with the Rapid Post-War Growth of Japan.

wc1-2.jpgFrom the right: Dr. Masaaki Honda, Suzuki Sensei, Masaru Ibuka, Dr. Glenn Doman The first Grand Concert was held in the Tokyo Gymnasium in 1955 and a news film of it was shown in America. This was the first seed of the Suzuki Method sown overseas. It became the trigger for the First Suzuki Ten Children Concert Tour in 1964. What became known as the “Ten Children” performed first in America and then in Europe the following year, introducing the Suzuki Method to the world. When these seeds began to sprout around the world the World Convention was born.

wc2-1.jpgThe 2nd World Convention(Hawaii)1977 In 1971 the tour went to America, Canada and Europe. When the group stopped over in Honolulu one of the teachers remarked that “it would be a lovely place to hold a Convention”. Dr. Suzuki’s right-hand man, Dr. Masaaki Honda, (honorary Board Member) who had worked tirelessly both in Japan and overseas to spread the Suzuki Method and who had taken time off from his own practice to accompany the tour from the first time, heard this. Dr. Honda thought that just like the teachers gather for the Matsumoto Summer School, it would be wonderful to have all the teachers gather from around the world in one place. While thinking, “It seems like a dream” Dr. Honda was the one to take steps. Dr. Honda thought, “It’s a dream well-worth making come true” and he began to work toward its realization.

wc4-1.jpgThe 4th World Convention(Munich)1979 In the end it was Dr. Suzuki’s support and overwhelming strength which made it possible. Dr. Suzuki’s response was, “It sounds interesting. Let’s do it.” With Dr. Suzuki’s strong words of support, Dr. Honda began to work on its realization. After deciding on the Hilton in Hawaii as the venue, with its large hall and plenty of rooms for practice, invitations and details of the purpose, program and fees were sent around the world.

wc11-2.jpgThe 11th World Convention(Seoul)1993 This is how on June 27, 1975, the first World Convention with 301 members from America and Australia, as well as 571 from Japan, started and in the bat of an eye moved along. On the last day, Dr. Suzuki promised that the second convention would be held in the same place, 2 years later. Dr. Suzuki’s message was, “Everyone, open your eyes and let’s save the world.” The convention closed and everyone returned to their corners of the world.

wc13-1.jpgThe 13th World Convention(Matsumoto)1999 Since this first World Convention, if you exclude Matsumoto (the home of the Suzuki Method) the convention has been held every 2 years in America, Germany, Canada, Australia, Korea, Ireland and Italy. The Suzuki Method has firmly planted its roots around the world and has increased generations along the way.

※Article from TERI Journal No.156
※The photo at the top of this page shows participants from India at the 15th World Convention held in Melbourne, Australia.

Past world conventions:

Convention Host Country Venue Years
1st United States Hawaii June 1975
 United States Hawaii June 1977
United States
San Francisco August 1978
4th West Germany Munich June 1979
5th United States Massachusetts July 1981
6th Japan Matsumoto July 1983
7th Canada Edmonton August 1985
8th West Germany Berlin August 1987
9th Japan Matsumoto July 1989
10th Australia Adelaide January 1991
11th Korea Seoul August 1993
12th Ireland Dublin July 1995
13th Japan Matsumoto March 1999
14th Italy Torino April 2006
15th Australia Melbourne April 2009
16th Japan Matsumoto March 2013