Unite The World with the Suzuki Method!
-Hopes for the 16th World Convention-

Mineo Nakajima, Ph. D. (International Sociology)
President, Talent Education Research Institute, Corp.

nakajimamineo2.jpgMineo Nakajima I am confident that the coming world convention in Matsumoto city where the Suzuki Method originated will be very fruitful. A famous castle city Matsumoto surrounded beautiful mountains, is now professing established as a Music City. During our convention, the Children’s Suzuki tone will resound all over the city. I am looking forward to welcoming you here.

May The World be One

Koji Toyoda
President, International Suzuki Association

toyodakouji.jpgKoji Toyoda The world is trying to become one. Yes, it should be so. Even with the various problems in the world, we, the Suzuki family members, should devote ourselves to making every effort to reach toward the noble idea to love each other discerning truth, goodness and beauty. The time is here already.
The leaders of the next generation are the forthcoming children. There is no time to waste. As Dr. Suzuki wished heartily, please foster all children as human beings with rich sensibility and heart.

The world will be one, joined together by the music of children.

Etsuko Suehiro
The 16th World Convention in Matsumoto

suehiroetsuko.jpgEtsuko Suehiro In just one year, we will be holding the 16th World Convention in Matsumoto. It is a fabulous life treasure for children at a young age to become friends through music with many people from various countries. I believe that the circle of friendship established at the World Convention will help lead us to “The world without wars” that Dr. Shinichi Suzuki wished for most. As Dr. Suzuki advocated, “Dawn comes to the world with children”.
From March 27 to March 31, I look forward to seeing the city of Matsumoto filled with the ringing sound of the music made by children and to seeing and hearing the smiling faces and laughing voices of those children as they gather here from throughout the world.
I fervently hope that Suzuki families from around the world will spend a joyful 5 days together in Matsumoto, Japan; the birthplace of the Suzuki Method.