Messages from Faculty

Messages from Faculty


We have received many words of thanks from the teachers from overseas who taught at the16th Suzuki Method World Convention. All of them have expressed how deeply grateful they are that the World Convention was held in Matsumoto, Japan.

As the host of the World Convention, we, the Executive Committee Members, are very pleased to receive these warm messages.
Due to the wonderful service and cooperation of all of the teachers, we believe that this Convention contributed a great deal to the future development of the Suzuki Method.

We would like to share the messages that we received with everyone, so we have posted these messages below and we will continue to post new messages as we receive them.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts with us. And we hope that everyone will enjoy reading these messages and reflecting on the wonderful 5 days spent in Matsumoto.

Jane Afia(Violin)

Dear Etsuko Suehiro and everyone who organized the wonderful Suzuki Conference in Matsumoto.
Thank you so much for inviting me to teach and be part of the faculty for such an exciting and inspiring musical event.
I felt especially honoured to be able to play the beautiful Japanese violin in the closing ceremony and will never forget my time with you all.
Dr Suzuki's musical family has become worldwide now and it was deeply moving to come and be in the city where the Method started, and drink from the mountain springs just like Suzuki did!
It was also very emotional to be able to visit Dr Suzuki's house and pay homage to his huge achievements and life long work.
You organised everything so brilliantly and planned for everything to make it as easy as possible for we 5,500 visitors. Thank you.
For a few days it felt as though Matsumoto was just a Suzuki city filled with beautiful music and wonderful concerts played by thousands of children.
Everyone I spoke to had an amazing time at the conference.
Thank you, thank you.

Jane Afia

Carmencita G. Arambulo(Piano)

Dear Ms.Etsuko Suehiro, Mitsuko Kawakami and all the members of the Organizing committee of the 16th Suzuki Method World Convention,

We, the Philippine delegation, want to congratulate and thank you all for your efforts in making the recent convention the great success that it was!

Up to now, we are still euphoric over our enjoyment and happy memories of having experienced this event. How lucky for us who, at all cost, went to Matsumoto! How wonderful the feeling to belong to the Suzuki global community!

Words cannot fully express this experience of a lifetime for us. It was so well-organized to the minutest detail, flawless in execution and highly efficient! And the music and music making, was just so excellent and awesome. "To die for", as our students, parents and teachers would say.

The inspiration and motivation we all got will go a very, very long way. We have come close to the fulfillment of Dr. Suzuki's dream- to bring happiness, peace and harmony to this world through music!

Mabuhay ang Suzuki Method! (Long live the Suzuki Method!)

Mabuhay ang Suzuki global community! (Long live the Suzuki global community!)

Maraming salamat po, Dr. Suzuki! (Thank you, Dr. Suzuki!)

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat! (Thank you to all of you!)

We love you!

The Philippine Delegates and
Prof. Carmencita G. Arambulo
President, Philippine Suzuki Association
Vice Chairman, Asia Suzuki Association

Gilda Barston(Cello)

Dear Etsuko and the World Convention organizers, staff and faculty,

Thank you so much for organizing the 16th Suzuki World Convention! It was truly an incredible experience for all who attended. The amazing attention to detail in every part of the program helped make the event stimulating, motivational and thoroughly enjoyable for all of us. Dr. Suzuki's spirit was felt throughout the convention. I was deeply honored to be part of the faculty. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this wonderful conference!

Gilda Barston
CEO - International Suzuki Association

Christophe Bossuat(Violin)

Dear Madame Suehiro and Dear Collegues,

Thank you for you very warm and humble message!

I would like to express my immense gratitude, to You, to Professor Toyoda, to all our Japanese Collegues and all the Members of the Team who organized this beautiful Conference in Matsumoto.

Please be happy with your amazing work, its organization, all the wonderful concerts, the team teaching with our japanese collegues,

and the moving encounters with all our Suzuki friends from all over the world.

This made event made us feel great about the work we do and also made our soul very happy, I am convinced that all participants where touched somewhere in their heart.

This Conference was a great tribute to Dr.Suzuki's work and a clear demonstration of his saying: "When Love is deep much can be accomplished."

Suzuki Method is alive and we can look at the future with a reinforced spirit, feeling better our roots!

Mr.Nakajima would have been happy to witness such a wonderful Conference.

With deepest gratitude,

Christophe Bossuat
chair of the ISA violin committee

Nada Brissenden(Piano)

Dear Mrs Suehiro and Ms Mitani,

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been part of your wonderful World Convention, an inspiring tribute to Dr Suzuki's life and work.

Thank you for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to be part of such a happy week, which I will always remember.

Sarah Guyan Li especially enjoyed the wonderful support given to her by Maestro Yukio Kitahara and the orchestra. It was a wonderful experience for her.
I hope you might soon be able to have a rest after so much hard work.
With my very best wishes,

Nada Brissenden

Michele George (Violin)

Dear Suehiro-sensei, Kawakami-san, Shimano-Rhonda-sensei, and Japanese teachers and staff,

On behalf of myself and the 18 students from Merit Alegre Suzuki Strings, I am forever grateful for the incredible experience of the 16th Suzuki World Convention.

Every detail, from initial planning, to scheduling, to program choices, concerts, class organization, beautiful opening and closing ceremonies, helped us feel welcomed into the very special birthplace of Suzuki Method.

It was a dream fulfilled to witness the joy of the Chicago students at each group lesson, concert, event. Suzuki-sensei's spirit was with us all, and I thank you especially for sharing his special opening message and beautiful Nagoya Lullaby with everyone present.

Now all of us throughout the world will continue with Dr. Suzuki's dream, and create a world worthy of its children.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Michele Higa George

Lady Oona Ivory

Dear Etsuko,
What a wonderful time we had in Matsumoto!! When we made our initial plans to visit Her Imperial Highness we had no idea that she was to open the Suzuki Convention while we were there.
As both my children learned violin and piano through the Suzuki Method and they participated in the Dublin Convention we feel part of the Suzuki family, and it was a great joy for us to reconnect with you all. We also very much enjoyed meeting you. The Matsumoto Convention was perfectly organized: having been involved in similar situations I was deeply impressed, and I know a little of just how much work it must have been for you all. Bravo!!!

My daughter, Roseanna, and I particularly wish to thank the Suzuki Convention for their enormous generosity towards us, and Hideya Taida suggested that you were the right person to approach. We are hugely grateful to you all, and would very much appreciate it if you were able to pass our thanks on to the others.
We returned to the UK with an even greater respect for what Dr. Suzuki achieved, and hearts full of music.
Thank you all for everything,
Warmest good wishes,

Lady Oona Ivory

Lady Oona Ivory is one of Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado's best friends. While she was visiting Princess Takamado in Japan, Lady Ivory attended the World Convention with Princess Takamado. She is a professional violinist, and she trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Kings College, Cambridge University, and the Royal Academy of Music in London. Later she became Chairman of the National Ballet Company and Governor of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. She also founded the National Piping Centre a new National Conservatoire for Scottish traditional music where she introduced the concept of the Suzuki Method. She brought up her two children through the Suzuki Method with piano and violin. We would like to introduce her letter of thanks as a parent of the Suzuki family.

Päivi Kukkamäki(Voice)

Dear Etsuko Suehiro, Professor Koji Toyoda and all Japanese Collegues and all who organized most excellent Conference in Matsumoto.

Thank you from our heart!
Matsumoto will stay in our mind for ever. What a beautiful touching moments we had every day!
We could feel the peace, joy and happiness - the big Suzuki Family working together and teaching Happy Suzuki Way as Dr. and Mrs. Suzuki used to say.

I am very grateful and I was also very moved to see and listen Suzuki Voice students and Suzuki Voice Teachers singing at TERI hall where Dr Suzuki taught. It was very touching to listen last week the same songs I sung to Dr. Suzuki 1986.

On Behalf of 27 Suzuki Voice Students and Suzuki Voice Teachers (Australia, Finland, England, Japan and USA).

Thank you for your hard work. Happy Spring in Matsumoto!

With warm regards

Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki
The Founder of the Suzuki Voice Program
ISA Suzuki Voice Committee, chair

Brian Lewis(Violin)

Dear Suehiro Sensei-

Thank you very much for your kind words to the faculty, and congratulations to you and your very fine team of Japanese teachers for the hard work on behalf of this monumental event. It was great to have so many people from around the world to join in playing beautiful music together. It was a great tribute to the work of Mineo Nakajima, as well as to our dear teacher and founder Dr. Shin'ichi Suzuki. He would have been very happy to see so many children, parents, and teachers working and playing in harmony.

Again, thank you and Professor Toyoda for a most joyous Suzuki World Convention in the lovely city of Matsumoto. I know we all look forward to continuing our work on behalf of the happiness of all children.

With best wishes to all-

Brian Lewis

Professor of Violin
David and Mary Winton Green Chair in String Performance and Pedagogy

College of Fine Arts - Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music
The University of Texas at Austin

Artistic Director
Starling-DeLay Symposium on Violin Studies

The Juilliard School

Felicity Lipman(Violin)

Dear Suehiro sensei, colleagues, Kawakami san and all her team,

Sincere congratulations to all on the great success of the Convention. Your magnificent organization of this colossal task was truly amazing. Bravo!

Stepping off the train in Matsumoto felt like a homecoming. And every detail for our comfort and convenience - 1000's of us! - had been considered.

Family feeling continues throughout - team teaching with our colleagues from Japan, exchanges with friends, old and new from all over the world. You created an environment where each person felt stimulated and enriched by the experience. Together we moved forward with renewed strength of spirit. It was a privilege and an honor to play a small part in this huge global gathering.

Dr.Suzuki left a great legacy. He would have been proud of this tribute and of the continuing health and success of our Suzuki family!

Enjoy the beauty of the warm spring days in Matsumoto!

With my thanks and warmest love,

Felicity Lipman

Kylie Mahony(Violin)

Dear Etsuko and the Convention Organizers,

I had a wonderful time during my first trip to Matsumoto and Japan. This visit had a very special significance for me. I was fortunate enough to grow up with the Suzuki Method since the age of four and have now been a Suzuki teacher for 21 years.

The World Convention was a once in a lifetime experience for myself, my family and the South Australian students and teachers who attended. We had a wonderful time enjoying the special atmosphere of beautiful Matsumoto. I will never forget the experience of being immersed in Dr. Suzuki's own culture. No wonder he had such a beautiful heart! I think the people of Japan and of Matsumoto in particular are some of the most welcoming, hospitable and open-hearted people in the world.

My students and their families enjoyed every day of the Convention and I know they all grew as musicians and people in immeasurable ways. It was really inspiring and heart-warming to gather together with people from all over the world who have a similar dream of spreading peace, love and beauty through music and of nurturing young people to be the best they can be.

Thank you for the honour of inviting me to teach at the Convention! I had a wonderful time with my 12b Humoresque class. The children were delightful and so easy to work with. I felt like we really connected despite not knowing each other's languages. The children's parents were all wonderful people whom I enjoyed getting to know.

I have organized in a small way similar events in my home town and I have some idea of the amount of tireless work from everyone to put such a huge and successful Convention together. Your team and the countless volunteers who worked together for such a long time deserve my deepest respect and congratulations. Thank you from my heart and the hearts of the South Australians who visited with you. We will never forget our special time in your country!

Sincerely yours,

Kylie Mahony

Grant Mead(Piano)

Dear Noriko,

I have just finished running our British National Suzuki Workshop at the Royal College of Music and I wanted to write to you to say what a pleasure it was to meet you in Matsumoto. By comparison our small course was very little to organise, but you had such a huge responsibility and you organised a brilliant event for all of us.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you did to bring the conference together and for running the piano programme so well.

I was very honoured and touched to be invited to teach at the conference and it was a great joy to meet so many wonderful teachers and students from Japan.

I am very grateful for your translations and for helping to make us all feel so comfortable while we were there. It was an incredible event and I can imagine how much work you did to bring it together so professionally.

I hope that you will have a more relaxed year now and I do hope that we will meet again sometime in the future. All best wishes for your teaching.


Grant Mead
Director of Piano (European Suzuki Association)

Ruth Miura(Piano)

Dear Suehiro Sensei, 

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and thanks for the tremendous success you made of the 16th World Convention. Dr. Suzuki was a living presence during the 5 days we spent together, and I know that his spirit moved everyone's hearts and inspired us all to continue working for world harmony and the happiness of children all over the world. For the Lithuanian teachers, it was an especially moving time, and when I saw their happy faces each day (usually marked by the sadness of their country's struggles) I knew that Dr. Suzuki was working on their hearts and that they will treasure this experience for the rest of their days. I am especially grateful to you for all the attention and care you took to be sure that each detail was so well looked-after. So many "first-timers" commented on their wonder at the politeness and kindness they experienced from all the Suzuki staff, families and teachers during their stay. It was truly a wonderful experience, and I would like to thank you for asking me to be a part of the Convention. My own spirit was nourished and renewed by being with you all, surrounded by Dr. Suzuki's great spirit and listening to Matsumoto tone once again. When I feel lonely for Dr. Suzuki, I can now listen to his voice reading Issa's haiku on the CDs I bought, and remember what joy he brought to the children each day that he was alive.

Thank you again for all the help and support you gave us all during the Convention. Just like the sakura flowers bloom and gently drop when the wind blows through the trees, I will remember the many kindnesses and brief but heartfelt encounters with each one of you which I experienced on this visit to Matsumoto. It will nourish my heart for years to come and inspire me to work harder to help others experience the essence of the Suzuki Method.
Kokoro kara kansha itashimasu.

Ruth (Miura)

Rebecca Lile Paluzzi(Flute)

Dear Suehiro-sensei,

I would like to congratulate you and all of the wonderful members of TERI for the magnificent 16th World Suzuki Convention. From the moment we arrived, it was a magical experience. Every detail was planned and attended to and you treated us like royalty! The events were rich and varied and the concerts and venues were marvelous. The Convention was a truly inspirational experience for all of the participants and we have returned home full of new energy for teaching the children who are entrusted to our care.

Thank you for providing this opportunity to the Suzuki world and please convey our sincere gratitude to Mitsuko Kawakami and all of the teachers who made this Convention such a memorable experience.


Rebecca Paluzzi

Anna Podhajska(Violin)

Dear Etsuko Suehiro,
Thank you very much for a wonderful time in Matsumoto – congratulations to all Japanese teachers and people who organized this huge event! It was also a true pleasure to teach the repertoire class.
The time in Matsumoto was unforgettable. I also had the opportunity to go for a little bit of sightseeing in your country after the convention. I visited such beautiful places as Kyoto, Nara, Miyajima.
I’m sure that great memories of your country, people and Japanese culture will stay with me for a long time. Thank you!

With best wishes,

Anna Podhajska

Zeah Riordan(Guitar)

Dear Suehiro-sensei, Toyoda-sensei, Mitsuko, and the entire World Convention Team,

It is my last day in Japan, and my sense of wonder and gratitude for the World Convention experience is as strong as ever.

I thank you for leading such an amazingly complex event with such care and grace, considering the needs of the children, their parents, the teachers and the faculty from near & far - bringing us all together to connect heart to heart through music.

I was so honoured to be a member of the teaching faculty and that Guitar was included as part of the programme. It was a deeply transformative experience for my guitar families to come to Matsumoto and feel the source of Suzuki spirit so deeply. Children and parents alike - their eyes were shining so brightly.

I so appreciated the innumerable ways that you anticipated our needs during the week. The many 'orange angels' volunteers who guided always with a smile. The concerts which were inspirational. And the opportunities to deepen friendships with like minded souls.

Thank you for creating a space for the Suzuki spirit to be felt so strongly. For our little guitar group to perform with everyone and to be absorbed into the ocean of sound at the Opening & Closing concerts was wonderful.

Until next we all meet, I thank you.


Zeah Riordan

Fiorenza Rosi(Violin)

Dear Suehiro senei, Kawakami sensei and colleagues,

On behalf of the delegation of Italian teachers, students and members of the Italian suzuki Institute who attended the World conference, I thank you deeply for the wonderful experience that we all shared together last week in Matsumoto. It was so special for us to share together with the large worldwide Suzuki community the of love of children and music with the hope that the future will be always a better place in the city where Dr. Suzuki worked and lived. We so enjoyed the experience of teaching together with the Japanese teachers and having the opportunity of working with so many children from so many different countries. Thank you so much for your wonderful organization and thoughtful preparation of all aspects of the convention. We very much appreciated the wonderful volunteer translators who made the communication much=20 easier between the Japanese parents and teachers and ourselves.

We are looking at the blossoms of the Italian spring with much nostalgia of the beautiful spring blossoms that we saw beginning to bloom in Matsumoto.
With sincere thanks from all,

Ann Stupay,
Fiorenza Rosi,
Virginia Ceri,
Stefano Viada
Istituto Suzuki Italiano
Fiorenza Rosi Centro di educazione musicale infantile

Martin Rüttimann(Violin)

Dear Etsuko, dear organization team of the 16th Suzuki Method World Convention

Two weeks later, I am still overwhelmed by all the impressions and personal encounters with teachers, parents and mostly students I had during those days in Matsumoto. What an amazing organization - the standart you set in this is so high that I do hope that still another group in the future will have the same courage as you had to organize such a convention. We all have learned again how important such international conventions are for all of us - and especially for teachers. The model of co-teaching - and especially the mix of teachers from different regions - will have a huge impact on any further Suzuki workshop and convention. I was deeply impressed to see our Japanese colleagues having those years and years of experience acting with modesty which became rare in our societies, where the egos even in art and education became more important than the bigger picture of art and education as such.

The enormous hospitality, the friendliness and helpfulness towards us foreigners cannot be described with words - but I am convinced that this will have a live-long impact on all of us!

May this world convention be a start to become an International movement again! May this world convention be a start to have more exchange between the regions with all respect towards the different environments we live, but with the common believe in Dr.Suzuki's philosophy!

Yours truly

Martin Rüttimann

Lois Shepheard(Violin)

Dear Mitsuko,
Thank you all for our time in Matsumoto. We participants were welcomed with warmth and love.
Everyone concerned with the planning and administration of this wonderful convention must be congratulated for their care and industry.
Much love,

Lois Shepheard

Ann Stupay(Violin)

Dear Suehiro senei, Kawakami sensei and Japanese colleagues,

On behalf of the delegation of Italian teachers, students and members of the Italian Suzuki Institute who attended the World conference, I thank you deeply for the wonderful experience that we all shared together last week in Matsutmoto. It was so special for us to share together with the large worldwide Suzuki community the of love of children and music with the hope that the future will be always a better place in the city where Dr. Suzuki worked and lived. We so enjoyed the experience of teaching together with the Japanese teachers and having the opportunity of working with so many children from so many different countries. Thank you so much for your wonderful organization and thoughtful preparation of all aspects of the convention. We very much appreciated the wonderful volunteer translators who made the communication much easier between the Japanese parents and teachers and ourselves.

We are looking at the blossoms of the Italian spring with much nostalgia of the beautiful spring blossoms that we saw beginning to bloom in Matsumoto.
With sincere thanks from all,

Ann Stupay
Istituto Suzuki Italiano

Dan Swaim(Bass)

Dear Etsuko and the World Convention organizers, staff, and faculty,

What a thrill it was to be a part of the 16th Suzuki Method World
Convention! I stand in awe of your ability to organize the many classes and concerts.

I was very pleased to be a part of the Mass and the opening ceremony just to be associated with Professor Toyoda. I treasure the time spent with this great man. Please thank him for me for all that he is doing to further the work of Dr. Suzuki.

Please tell Mrs. Shimano that the bass students and I are truly indebted to her major assistance in getting us and the basses to the proper locations. I also owe her a great deal from fourteen years ago when she assisted me with my broken wrist. She is truly a remarkable person.

Ever since I became a Suzuki bass teacher, my life has been profoundly changed. Without question, the opportunity to witness the spirit of Dr. Suzuki in action at the 16th Suzuki Method World Conference was and continues to be a moving experience.

Thank you for including the Suzuki bassists and me in this event. I am greatly honored and humbled to have been associated with the 16th Suzuki Method World Convention faculty and administrators.

It is my hope and dream that one day I will see Suzuki Bass teachers and students in Japan, Australia, and other regions.


Dan Swaim,
Chair, Bass Committee of the Suzuki Association of the Americas
Double Bass Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University

Ave Vill (Violin)

Dear Sirs/Madams,

We had a great time in Matsumoto participating the Suzuki Method World Convention and please let me say thank you on behalf of our Estonian group. Special thanks to the home stay families and all of you helping us arrange things. Every single home stay family was marvelous, they were trying very hard to do as much as they could to let us experience the Japanese culture and make us feel comfortable. The homestay idea was wonderful because of not only the financial reasons but also because we could see Japan on a more personal level with the guidance of the locals. Through this home stay, our very first time to Japan has increased our understanding of Japan and Japanese people/culture. We would be glad to show our hospitability whenever someone of you wishes to visit Estonia. It would be nice to continue with this exchange. I know that one family already plans to attend the Estonian summer camp in August of 2013.

Yours sincerely,

Ave Vill

Barbara Wampner(Cello)

Dear Suehiro sensei, Kawakami-san, and all of the office staff for the World Convention,

I hope you have been able to get at least one day of rest since the 16th World Convention. Thank you for putting together a beautifully organized convention for teachers, students and parents. It was so efficiently planned with the logisitics of transportation, programs and schedules thoroughly researched.

I was honored to be included in guest faculty and have a small part in the cello program. The teaching was thoroughly enjoyable and the students were very eager to do so well.

Showing the video of Suzuki sensei with his message to the World Convention and the playing of the Nagoya Lullaby was a wonderful way of reminding us of his spirit and goal to bring happiness to all the children. It set a wonderful tone for the Suzuki community that was gathered together for our brief time in Matsumoto.

I hope the cherry trees are in blossom now. They were full bloom in Nishinomiya on Monday, April 1 and all the beautiful flowers were out, also.


Barbara Wampner